We Speak Property is a boutique property consultancy. We provide tailored solutions to our clients and partners, to help them make better property decisions.

Our sole reason for existing is to provide our clients and partners with a positive property experience – one that is successful, not stressful.

We Speak Property is operated by two Certified Practising Valuers. Our operators have over 20 years combined experience in all facets of property – with a particular focus and specialty in regional property markets.

We have a passionate, energetic and high performing team that love what they do.

We are independent and are your trusted source for property advice.

Our Team



Keen property investor
Passionate triathlete
Professional tourist
Lucky to have a great partner
Raving fan of regional areas



Lives for the outdoors
Avid traveller
Believer in the prosperity of regional property
Big spender at BCF/Bunnings, and therefore:- 
Husband to an understanding wife